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Eco Friendly Balloon Race

The Rotary Club of Hertford Shires

Welcome to our Summer Virtual Balloon Race – a computer simulation race where everything is real except the balloon! It’s 100% eco-friendly with no risk of harm to wildlife.

Each virtual balloon costs just £3 and you can buy as many balloons as you would like.

The Coronation Race will be setting off from Westminster Abbey on 2nd June at 12 pm (noon) for 7 days.

Enjoy taking part in this fun event from the comfort of your own home and track your balloons live as they gently float across the virtual sky. The specialist software uses live weather data to determine the progress of each balloon and they can be tracked on Google Maps and satellites once the race has launched. You can alter your balloon’s parameters at any time to increase your chance of winning.

The race finishes on Wednesday 14th June 2021 at 12pm (noon). Winners will be contacted directly and announced on our social media platforms.

Simply sign-up (so we know who you are if you win), once you've paid for your balloon you can then name, personalise, and decorate your balloon via your dashboard by choosing the shape, colour, and pattern, plus the helium content and rubber thickness.

Hertford Shires Rotary Prizes will be given to the top 3 balloons travelling the furthest in this race:
* 1st prize - £100 Amazon gift card
* 2nd prize - £50 Amazon gift card
* 3rd prize - £25 Amazon gift card

For more information about our charity please see our website:

Thank you for your support and best of luck!